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Mobile Broadband FAQs  
  • General questions
    • 1. What is the outstanding advantage of mobile internet?
    • 2. What issues should you pay attention to before ordering mobile broadband service?
    • 3. What factors will affect the quality of mobile broadband service?
  • About Wi-Fi
    • 4. What is Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi hotspots?
    • 5. How to use Wi-Fi?
    • 6. How to check if your computer is Wi-Fi abled?
    • 7. Is it important to have anti-virus software in your computer when you use public network?
    • 8. Who is the biggest Wi-Fi ISP in UK?
    • 9. What is Ultra Wi-Fi program?
  • About T-mobile and Vodafone
    • 10. Who are the main ISPs for mobile broadband services in UK?
    • 11.What are WCDMA(3G)and HSDPA techniques?
    • 12.What are the special functions of data card and USB modem?
    • 13. Which one is better, data card or USB Modem?
    • 14. Can I use mobile broadband overseas?
    • 15. Which programs does T-mobile have in its mobile internet?
    • 16. Can mobile internet be shared? ---Vodafone business internet program
    • 17. What are Vodafone personal 3G mobile broadband and home fixed broad services?
General questions
1. What is the outstanding advantage of mobile internet?
Mobile internet publicity is another revolution in information technology. Compared with DSL broadband connection and cable broadband connection, mobile broadband has the advantages of breaking down the restrictions of time and space on its users , and also, having the similar functions, price, speed and usage allowance to the former. As a result, mobile broadband is also called “mobile wireless broadband”.
Mobile wireless broadband provides publicity with a practical option of internet apart from dial-up and fixed broadband. The biggest advantage of mobile broadband is that internet is with you wherever your PC is. Whether you stay at home, or go out, whether you are at private or public place, you can log into internet at any where, any time. In UK, many mobile telecommunication companies , such as The Cloud、BT、T-Mobile、 Vodafone,have opened their own passes to home and business users for logging in internet freely inside home or outside, pushing internet to any part of life, work and entertainment etc.
2. What issues should you pay attention to before ordering mobile broadband service?

Although mobile broadband connection has many advantages over fixed broadband, you still need to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of all broadband connections, and, based on your real situation, make a reasonable choice before you order your service. Until now, the biggest shortcoming for mobile broadband is its lower usage allowance. Even if some ISPs promote their services as “unlimited”, subscribers can not ignore their fair usage policy, which tells you exactly how much your usage allowance is and what consequences you will take if you exceed the limitation. Otherwise, you may meet very unhappy situation.
If you need to download a lot from your broadband, it is better to order a fixed broadband connection. If you need a lot of download, and you often travel, the best option is to choose a service with a combination of fixed broadband and mobile one. For example, you can take BT fixed broadband connection, which gives you 250 free inclusive Wi-Fi minutes or 500 Wi-Fi minutes with extra payment of £5 a month.

3. What factors will affect the quality of mobile broadband service?
Similar to other radio products (such as TVs or car stereos), the quality of the service you can receive on your mobile device may be affected by location conditions. This means that your distance from a base station, your proximity to buildings, hills, trees or weather conditions may interfere with the radio signal and impair the performance of your device. Also, if an unusually large number of Vodafone customers are attempting to use their mobile device in the same area as you, you may experience problems such as 'network busy' messages or reduced throughput when using data services.
About Wi-Fi
4. What is Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi hotspots?
Wi-Fi is a high speed internet connection technique which makes use of radio wave to transmit internet signal. Wi-Fi is short for wireless fidelity, and is used to define any of the wireless technology in the IEEE 802.11 specification - including (but not necessarily limited to) the wireless protocols 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g.
Any place where internet can be provided is called hotspot, in which 802.11 (wireless) technology both exists and is available for use to consumers. More and more public places are available as hotspots for internet access. In some circumstances, wireless internet is free to access, some not.
5. How to use Wi-Fi?
In order to access internet in public places with hotspots, such as airport, pub, hotel, coffee shops, restaurants, you should do two things:
Firstly, you should ensure that you are using a computer or PA with active Wi- Fi connectivity. If not, you should buy an outside Wi-Fi device. Most portable computers can add Wi-Fi by using an adapter that plugs into a PC card slot or USB port.
Second, you need to choose an ISP and apply a short term or long term access account.
6. How to check if your computer is Wi-Fi abled?
As long as you go to Wi-Fi area, turn on your laptop with wireless card, and the wireless facility inside the laptop will search available wireless networks. If you have chosen and set up a Wi-Fi internet from some ISP, for example, from The Cloud, its access page will turn up on the screen when you turn on the Internet Browser. Simply log in your personal access details, and then you can go surfing immediately.
7. Is it important to have anti-virus software in your computer when you use public network?
Yes. When you use a public network, such as the Cloud、BT openzone, it will mean that your personal commuter has been connected to public network. You are advised to install a personal anti-fire wall to have self-protection.
8. Who is the biggest Wi-Fi ISP in UK?
The Cloud, founded in 2003, is the biggest Wi-Fi ISP in UK. The company is aiming to launch the biggest and the most flexible outer door Wi-Fi broadband service in Europe, providing the public and personals with open Wi-Fi access, and allowing everyone who has laptop、PDA、media player or smart phone get broadband service.
The Cloud has over 7000 hotspots in UK, covering public locations like airports, rail stations, hotels, pubs, shops, petrol stations, motorway service points etc, and even covering some city’s busy districts. Through closely cooperating with other telecommunication partners such as BT Openzone、O2、Vodafone、Skype, The cloudy can provide Wi-Fi services from internet, email access to sound, music, video, games and other entertainment programs
The Cloudy has flexible service style. Customers can either choose pay monthly plan or pay as you go plan.
Working closely together with the City of London Corporation, The Cloud has now switched on Europe’s most advanced outdoor WiFi network across the entire City of London – the famous Square Mile. The network currently comprises 127 nodes and will evolve to offer 95% coverage across areas owned by the City of London Corporation. More than 350,000 people who work in and visit the area now have wireless broadband access throughout the City.
9. What is Ultra Wi-Fi program?
Ultra Wi-Fi program is an important program, specially designed by The Cloud for people who like travelling or doing outdoor activities. The service, rewarded as “mobile broadband”, has low price, fast speed, unlimited usage and extensive functions.
About T-mobile and Vodafone
10. Who are the main ISPs for mobile broadband services in UK?

Vodafone and T-Mobile are two pioneers in UK to provide mobile broadband services to customers. Their 3G mobile broadband service has overcome some shortcomings of fixed home and business broadband services, really pushing internet service to every part of people’s daily life and work. The two company’s services are available to almost all UK cities and towns.

With their service, customers can access internet with the speed of 32 times that of dial-upinternet, 4 tomes that of normal 3 G internet.
Vodafone is one of the leading multinational telecom companies, who founded the first UK mobile company in January, 1985, and was the fist company in UK using HSDPA technique in June, 2006. Since founded, the company has made them the first place in the world
telecommunication sector through acquisition of other telecommunication companies, takingadvantage of highly competitive technologies and high quality of management. Currently,Vodafone is one of the leading telecommunication companies in 27 countries, 5 continents,having 180 million customers and 33 business partners.
T-mobile, a subsidiary of Germany Deutsche Telekom AG (short for DT) is another multinational mobile telecommunication company. All Germany telecommunication companies have their names starting from the letter “T”, standing for “Telecom”. In July 1992, DT set up its
wireless department, with its service landing Austria and Czech in 1996. In August, 1999, DT gained one 2 one program in UK and invested £2.4 bn buying UK 3 G licence . In August, 2000,DT was offered authorization for 3 G usage by 7.6 bn USD. In May 2005, DT landed in US market by buying Voice Stream with 24 bn USD. In February, 2003, T-mobile built partnership with BT,providing internet service to BT retail mobile program. T-Mobile, with 100 million customers,is one of the biggest mobile telecommunication companies in the world, and is the onlycompany which use the same brand in both Europe and USA.

11.What are WCDMA(3G)and HSDPA techniques?
WCDMA (3G), standing for Wideband CDMA, is a network operating standard, proposed by Europe and Japan and defined by a group of companies known as ‘3GPP’. The technique uses GSM MAP as core network and UTRAN as the third generation of telecommunication standard (3G technique). WCDMA network currently widely used in the world is based on R99 version, which can supply data delivering rate of up to 144Kbps,384Kbps, 2Mbps under the situation of fast moving, walk , slow moving and no moving within 5 MHZ broadband.
HSDPA is an improved WCDMA technique, which is called 3G or 3.5 G technique by the sector. HSDPA technique is a new revolution in telecommunication sector, which makes mobile internet business exceed the area of mobile phone digital business and go into wireless broadband stage. The technique has given people chance to realize their dream of accessing internet from their own computer at anywhere, at any time.
12.What are the special functions of data card and USB modem?
The 3 G mobile broadband services provided by Vodafone and T-Mobile are all realized through data card or USB modem based on HSDPA technique. If you need to go surfing on internet regularly, but you are worried about moving house or travelling a lot; if you do not like being restricted by fixed table and house, and also want to enjoy surfing on internet and enjoying pleasure of working at a pleasant place, what should you do? It is very simple. What you need to do is just buy a 3G data card or USM modem, plug it into your computer, then, you can access internet immediately , with the speed of up to 1.8 Mb.
3 G data card and USB modem can basically overcome the shortcomings of home fixed broadband and public Wi-Fi broadband, not only giving customers freedom of surfing on internet at any where and any time, but also allowing customers do what they can do by fixed broadband, such as web surfing, emailing, up or down loading, online shopping, use of VOIP, MOIP and other well-known communication methods like QQ and MSN.
13. Which one is better, data card or USB Modem?
Generally speaking, USB modem has better suitability and every computer can use it. Data card requires a computer having suitable card slot. Most laptops purchased before 2006 will have one. Some newer laptops may have an Express Card slot which the data card will not fit. Double check the manual your laptop came with to make sure. T-Mobile launched a new data card in April 2006. If your data card was bought before that time, it can not be used in apple computers..
If you use a mobile as a Modem, you need to install T-Mobile Communications Centre (TMCC) software. If you access intent in mobile phone directly, the speed will be lower than that using data card or USB Modem. With 2G mobile phone, the speed will be 56 kbps, with 3G mobile, 84 Kbps.
14. Can I use mobile broadband overseas?
Web' n walk of T-mobile and 3 G broadband of Vodafone all can be used abroad, which is one of the outstanding advantages of mobile broadband.
Firstly, you need to check and ensure if there are GPRS or 3 G services in the country you are going to visit, if your chosen ISP has roaming agreement. Finally, before you go abroad, you may need to call Customer Services to get roaming authorization and set roaming up.
15. Which programs does T-mobile have in its mobile internet?
T-Mobile has promoted two programs: T-web 'n' walk、and T-Hotspots. There are many different plans for customers to choose according their requirement.
a. web 'n' walk Plus and web 'n' walk Max. By using data card or USB Modem, customers can get freedom of unlimited and wireless mobile internet surfing both at home and outside. These mobile internet plans are a real replacement of home broadband with fixed line delivering signals.
b. T-Mobile customers with pay monthly mobile phone can access internet and do surfing in their handsets by just paying a certain extra fee.
C. Customers can use a mobile phone as a modem and connect it to a computer to replace a data card or USB modem.
Please note, not all mobile phones can be used as a modem. To have this function, customers need to subscribe web 'n' walk Plus or web 'n' walk Max to their pay monthly mobile plan.
d. the unique feature of web 'n' walk lies in that it can be used in a home PC by installing T-Mobile Communications Centre (TMCC) software and then setting it up according to the onscreen instruction.
e. T-Hotspot program. Without any extra equipment, customer can access internet and do surfing in any T-Mobile hotspot at very low cost through a laptop with WIFI(802.1b) wireless card or a mobile hand set. If you have pay as you go mobile phone, after you have detected the net signal in a hotspot, click the net logo, then you can sign up to buy a pass or authorization and then you can access internet connection . If you have a valuable pass in hand, you can directly log in.
16. Can mobile internet be shared? ---Vodafone business internet program
3G mobile broadband of Vodafone is available in many new areas of UK main cities and towns. 99 % of whole UK population can get 3G broadband, 3 G and GPRS network. Vodafone has launched many internet programs to the public, including mobile business broadband, mobile home broadband, fixed home broadband and fixed business broadband, among which, its business broadband is the most outstanding one with many options for customers.

a. 3G broadband data card or USB Modem.

  • Simple to use. Plug in and be working in seconds
  • Use in any laptop or PC, including Macs
  • Access your email and the internet at mobile broadband speeds – up to 1.4Mbps
  • Stay connected throughout the UK via 3G broadband, 3G and GPRS, plus coverage in over 100 countries
  • Work faster, be more productive, with broadband speeds of up to 1.4Mbps
  • No blind area. Rely on seamless coverage with access to Vodafone’s 3G broadband, 3G and GPRS networks
  • Work abroad as you do at home, with coverage in over 100 countries
  • Work safer with security options including our simple, highly-secure SSL VPN

b. Built-in 3G broadband from Vodafone Product---a hidden high- speed access
Built-in 3G broadband Vodafone SIM enables Customer to do any or all of the following, using one or more of the Bearer Services: communicate between devices and/or people; acquire and/or exchange information; provide and/or receive entertainment; analyse data.

  • Much simple to use. You can log in your email mail box, website and company’s website at any where and any time in your laptop with built-in 3G broadband connection.
  • SIM card and user software are all installed in your laptop. What you need to do is to choose a suitable price plan.
  • You can buy your laptop with built-in 3 G broadband  from Acer、Dell、HP、Leonor which Vodafone recommends, or from IT retailers like PC World, Dixons, Comet, Insight, Dabs, Maplin, Misco, Amazon, Technoworld, Equanet, eBuyer and Wstore
  • Build-in 3 G broadband is suitable for customers who are heavy user or occasional user of internet. After using the service for 6 month, you can upgrade or downgrade your service from Vodafone price plans with free of charge.

c. Combination scheme of 3G wireless Router and data card
The scheme can provide working freedom for a working team on moving. Wherever a customer is, a network can be set up.

    • Working team far away from their office can access internet at anywhere and anytime, do their job as effectively and efficiently as they work in their office.
    • Easy to set up.  Just plug the 3G data card into your router, plug in your power and switch on, the software will be installed automatically.
    • Browse the web, check email and access your corporate network at mobile broadband speeds
    • Five people can be linked up one another at the same time with wirelessly or using a cable connection.
    • Perfect for  temporary locations, as an alternative to fixed line solutions
    • Plug in shared peripherals such as printers to create a complete mobile office
    • No worries for security issues. The router has an inbuilt firewall, adding an extra level of security to your existing infrastructure.
17. What are Vodafone personal 3G mobile broadband and home fixed broad services?

Basically, Vodafone personal mobile broadband is the same as its business one.

  • No need to wait for getting connected. All you need is a USB Modem or a Data Card and you can be online in a matter of minutes at any where and any time.
  • No need to install software. Just plug the modem into a spare USB port and in one click you are connected.
  • You can read you email, download music, online shopping anywhere, in the train, at airport, or in the park.
  • You can use the service when you are abroad. Vodafone 3G Broadband service has covered more than 100 countries.
  • Vodafone home fixed broadband program-Vodafone At Home, only offers to its existing mobile phone customers of pay monthly. Getting this service, customer must have a active phone line.
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